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Culture, Arts & Music thanks you for your consideration in supporting our organization and helping to bring extra culture, art and music to the Chicagoland area. Your support helps to provide facilities, instruments, music, equipment and so much more for CAM’s various and ever expanding endeavors. Culture, Arts & Music is recognized for exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contribution made to Culture, Arts & Music are tax deductible by the donor.

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The world is filled with interesting and amazing people. Here at Culture, Arts & Music, we are always searching for ways to bring these amazing people to you. Whether it’s bringing together steelbands from around the country, bringing up a school of kids from Trinidad, inviting in a Brasilian jazz trio from the east coast, or featuring amazing local artists, CAM is always looking for that next immersive learning experience to share world diversity.

None of this is possible without your support. Please consider helping us bring some amazing cultural experiences to our community by becoming a CAM Culturati.

  • Fortissimo: $10,000 +
    16 CAM passes
    Private offsite performance
    Commission a piece in your honor
  • Forte: $5,000 – $9,999
    8 CAM passes
    Note head
    Private performance at CAM
  • Mezzo Forte: $2,500 – $4,999
    4 CAM passes
    Opportunity to sponsor artist at Great Lakes Steelpan Festival
    VIP rehearsal access
    Director Dinner
  • Mezzo Piano: $750 – $2,499
    Priority seating at Great Lakes Steelpan Festival
    Sponsor community group concert
  • Piano: $250 – $749
    Priority seating at holiday concert
    Early ticket sales
  • Pianissimo: $50 – $249
    Online and select print recognition
    10% off at events
    10% off at The Steelpan Store

Featured Project

Our featured project right now is Cousoumeh. This amazing experience is happening on August 31 at 7:00 PM. Tickets available from the Woodstock Opera House now for only $5!

This project is bringing up nearly 50 students from Trinidad ages 6 and up to perform for a local church, school and at the Woodstock Opera House.

Cousoumeh’,  is a Caribbean expression, one derived from our African ancestors who were brought to the islands and with them,  a melee of dialects married to French.  It means to, simmer … soak in, really, to melt in a collective oneness of a dish.  In the little village of Siparia, in South Trinidad, the Cousoumeh Movement makes,  “plural become singular, pieces become whole, the individual becomes the collective.”

It is here, that 6-year-old steelpan musicians play proudly with jazz contemporaries, and the passion for music envisioned by pannist Akinola Sennon finds its true flavor in the ensemble of steel in a revolutionary new sound.

For many of the young players, it will be their first leaving the country and their first experience playing for an international audience. This may also be the only opportunity for some of these students to visit the US.

The U.S. Embassy in Trinidad has offered promotional assistance for the band as they travel, which is a huge cost in itself but your help can ensure proper accommodations for the students and staff upon arrival. 

For more information, please contact Matt Potts at 815-575-8587 or

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