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A new arts center opening up in Woodstock, IL that focuses on showcasing various world cultures.

Our Vision

Culture, Arts & Music envisions a world where all people understand and appreciate each other’s unique heritages. Every country has its own lively personality reflected in its people, steeped in rich history and tradition:

The vibrant reverberation of a steelpan from Trinidad.
The lightning-quick beat in the steps of the Brazilian Samba dance.
The hearty and distinctly spicy taste of wat — an Ethopian stew.

Experiencing the cultures of different countries usually requires a passport, but not everyone has the means or ability to travel. By coordinating a range of cultural-awareness activities including musical performances and festivals, Culture, Arts & Music immerses the local community in the souls of other countries.

Culture, Arts & Music was founded with a deep understanding that diversity makes the world the beautiful tapestry that it is. Learning about other cultures is not only enriching, but it is also vital in an increasingly global society where people of all nations must work together to solve pressing challenges. Unfortunately, it’s something that schools alone cannot achieve; it requires more learning opportunities integrated into everyday life. The Culture, Arts & Music philosophy is to blend education with entertainment, providing people of all ages with fun opportunities to soak up the unique styles, flavors, and heritages of the world.

We bring people together around the activities that make us most appreciate being human — Culture, Arts & Music — to create a more connected global community.

About This Endeavor

Culture, Arts & Music (CAM) is excited to announce the opening of their new cultural center in Woodstock. CAM celebrates world diversity, transporting people to different countries through immersive learning experiences. Our new location offers space for ensemble rehearsals, such as the Potts & Pans Community Steelbands, and the area’s unique salsa ensemble, Los Gatos Galantes. Large and small ensembles can rent out any of our small practice rooms, large ensemble room, or main floor for rehearsals and performances. Three rooms are also connected by our recording station, allowing for isolated tracked sessions. We invite you to come over and take advantage of these spaces.

How You Can Help

As we put the final touches on the building, we ask that you consider supporting this project by becoming a donor.

Before Construction

During Construction

Donations range from a simple can of paint at $30, to your name on one of our doors at $250 — or an entire room. All donations help further our work educating and spreading music. Learning about other cultures is not only enriching, but it is also vital in an increasingly global society where people of all nations must work together. Thanks to this space, we will be expanding into new areas of music, dance, visual art, and more.

Your Name Could Be On This Door!

This Room Could Be Yours For Only $3,950

You can view more details about different items that can be sponsored here. Each of these items are important towards us reaching our goal and every donation matters. Please browse the list of items to see if there is an item that suits your budget.

Your donation is tax deductible and will also benefit our students, local musicians and artists, and help build a more culturally-aware community. If you choose to donate, you will also receive your name engraved on a golden note on the music wall in our waiting room.

Progress Photos